Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Excel Cross Word Puzzle Nets 1, 2

For the cross word puzzle I used atomic learning. The cross word puzzle is a creative tool that teachers could use in the class room either created by them for the students to solve or for the students to create for themselves as a means to learn. The crossword puzzle would promote learning and creativity as well as keeping the students more engaged.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Google Docs Nets 1, 3

As a teacher, I am able to demonstrate fluency in technology systems when I use GoogleDocs. GoogleDocs is a tool that allows students and collegues to work collaboratively in a virtual environment. In an innovative way, professionals are able to exhibit their knowledge skills and work processes in a digital environment. Students can use GoogleDocs to share group projects, or just to collaborate with their teachers online.
GoogleDocs is an innovative, free, web based word processor, spread sheet, presentation and form application.

I used google docs for our group project on JCCS internet safety. 8 students in one group were able to collaborate on the same document at different times.

Charlotte's Web ED 422 Nets 1, 3

This was to me the most important and inspirational tool. In order to utilize the blog to its fullest potential, I had to learn about many more tools. This blog was created as a one stop shop for all the assignments and information pertaining to class ED #422. This blog is a resourceful communications tool that I will be able to look back at and use as I continue my studies. As I pursue my teaching credential, I will create a class blog in an effort to communicate relevant information to students and parents. The blog will contain all important information about the class as well as open up a forum for students and parents to communicate with me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

WIKI CSUSM WEB 2.0 Tools for Educators Nets 3, 5

A wiki is a website that "allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified texteditor." I choose organizing tools for this project. Under this category there were many different options for organizing tools. I decided to choose Webspiration. Webspiration can be used for many projects or simply used as a visual aid for the students, for example in Kindergartnen. The teacher can create an organizational chart that shows the children visually how the class room is organized by tables and centers, bookshelves etc. The children will be able to be more independent because the teacher can refer to the chart when they don't know what to do and they can look at it and quickly know what to do or where to go. Everything on the chart is color coded. See webspiration sample on site 2.
My wiki page was posted on my blog using

Site 1

Site 2
Organizing Tools Webspiration

iMOVIE a Public Service Announcement Nets 2, 3


The iMovie allows educators to reach out to students with powerful messages. For this project, I made a A Public Service Announcement (PSA). This movie focuses on hate speech to raise awareness of some recent incidents taking place on the San Marcos University Campus. The movie was created to help deliver a message that would develop and model cultural understanding and awareness.

EDTECH profile Nets 2, 5

EDTECH Profile is an online assessment test to show my technology skills. By taking this assessment, I am able to focus on the areas I need to improve in.

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership Nets 5

Journals #1-10 posted on my blog.

As a teacher, or the International Society for Technology in Education, plays a great role in how I can grow and learn as a professional and share the information with my students. An ISTE membership provides you with access to different publications. For example, Learning and Leading with Technology. The articles that are published in Learning and Leading with Technology discuss practical and innovative ideas for how technology can be used in the class room. The articles and the information in these articles are provided from global sources. ISTE provides an open forum for discussion and learning about technology that can be used in the class room. To share what I have learned from these articles, I have kept journal entries. The journal entries contain a summary, a reflection and questions and answers in response to the article. These journal entries are posted on the blog. Students as well as other teachers can learn about the different technologies that we can use and incorporate into the class room and curriculum.