Thursday, April 29, 2010

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership Nets 5

Journals #1-10 posted on my blog.

As a teacher, or the International Society for Technology in Education, plays a great role in how I can grow and learn as a professional and share the information with my students. An ISTE membership provides you with access to different publications. For example, Learning and Leading with Technology. The articles that are published in Learning and Leading with Technology discuss practical and innovative ideas for how technology can be used in the class room. The articles and the information in these articles are provided from global sources. ISTE provides an open forum for discussion and learning about technology that can be used in the class room. To share what I have learned from these articles, I have kept journal entries. The journal entries contain a summary, a reflection and questions and answers in response to the article. These journal entries are posted on the blog. Students as well as other teachers can learn about the different technologies that we can use and incorporate into the class room and curriculum.

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