Sunday, April 11, 2010

Journal 9 Playing with Skype Nets 2, 5

Weller, T. (2009-2010). Playing with skype. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

The article discusses how new technology can be incorporated into the class room to enrich education. The author specifically focuses on how composers' and musicians' can now connect with their audience when using Skype. Skype allows the musician to enter the class room to talk about and explain his/her music with the students without having to be there physically. Skype opens up the communication and lets professionals outside the class room teach and the teacher no longer has to be the sole expert on the subject. Teachers are now able to go to the source and receive expert advise and explanations.

I think Skype opens up many opportunities at many different levels. One thing that I found really usefull with Skype is to have a language class. There are many people that would like to learn a language online that don't have time to go to class, or perhaps the language you would like to learn is not offered in the area you live in. Skype allows you to communicate online to listen and learn from the source.

Question #1
If we have Skype as a resource in the class room, will the teacher be viewed more as a manager of information bringing information to the students in each respective subject?

I do think so. You become the link as the teacher that will make sure the students receive what they need in each subject to fullfill the requirements. I also think that it seems that if we can receive the information from outside sources and from real professionals, then the demands on the teachers would diminish and the students would benefit because they can learn so much more and in depth. I also think it comes down to a more collaborative way of learning which makes it more interesting. You can now find your information all over the globe, there are no limits.

Question #2
Will teachers embrace this new technology when they teach?

I think it depends on the subject. There are many things to consider when using Skype and using outside sources. Even though it is great and we now can reach professionals everywhere at any time, time will be one of the issues. You might be in class at a particular time with your students and your source might be in a different time zone which makes it not possible. I love the idea but I also think it will require a lot of accomodation and flexibility to make it fit into the class room.

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